Exam topics

  • Writing SQL Query
  • Writing Relational Algebra
  • ER/UML Diagraing
  • Relational Algebra Box Drawing

    Ex. Given tables A, B, and C draw the result of A NATURAL JOIN C

  • Cardinality/Degree Rules

    -cardinality - number of rows

    -degree - number of cols

    Ex. Given a table with n rows, what is the maximum and minimum cardinality of a select statement. maximum:n minimum:0

  • PHP

Assignment 3 Uploaded

It requires you download and install the MySQL Workbench, you should also install XAMPP to follow along with us in class.

Partial Old Midterm Posted

As requested, I looked through my old midterms and pulled out something relavent for you get a feel of my exam structure. It is posted in course materials. We will spend the next class going over these problems.

Assignment 1 - 2nd Chance System

The link to the solution video is posted. (Course Material) The 2nd chance system will work as follows:

  • This is available to all students, but is tailored to give the most points to those who performed poorly.
  • This 2nd chance system will only be available for Assignment 1. (This is not a regular occurance, this will not be available for assignment 2)
  • Students are required to type up a solution to Part 2 of Assignment 1. A handwritten solution will not be accepted.
  • Students must type up every problem, not just problems they got incorrect.
  • The format is up to the students, Microsoft Word is encouraged. If you know LaTeX thats even better, but don't spend time learning it just for this. Plain text is fine use \sigma and \pi to represent selection and projection.
  • Submissions are due October 2nd before class

For a **complete** and **correct** submission of part 2 of assignment 1. Students will be awarded (100 - current_grade) / 2 points. (Half of the points that you lost regardless of reason)

I encourage those who performed well on this assignment (90%+ or 70%+ Late) to not bother with this 2nd chance system to minimize the amount of grading I have to do.


Assignment 1 [Regular Submission] Graded

If you are unhappy with your grade you can resubmit before the cut off (Late submission penalties apply).


Welcome to the Course

It is my pleasure to be covering this course. CS 85 is an introductory course in database systems and their applications. We will be introducing various topics including the database design, relational algebra, and SQL. This web page will be used to supplement material covered in class.

I wish you the best of luck in this course and hope you find the material fascinating. I will try my best to keep you engaged at all times. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

A course syllabus can be found on the course material page.