Midterm Exams grades are posted.

Assignment 1 resubmissions graded.

Midterm Exams grades are posted.

10 points were added as a curve. 60 after the curve is passing. If you would like to see your exam please come to my office after class.

Coding assignment 2 is still being graded (ETA 1 week)

If you are considering dropping the course, please note April 16th is the last day for standard withdrawal (2nd semester freshmen have until May 10th).


Resources for next week

Had some software problems with my recording software that reduced the quality of the videos quite a bit

Read lecture 6 and watch the two videos supplied, one covers the MySQL Workbench and the other looks at a solution to Question 10 of the previous assignment.


College Closed after 4PM due to Weather

See you Monday


Coding 1 Resubmission

Due March 7, 2018

Motivation: Assignments 1 and 2 are key indicators of overall course performance. The goal of this resubmission is to help students who struggled with assignment 1, by offering them the solutions in a self paced (video) environment and rewarding them for studying by recouping 50% of the points they lost in their original submission.

This option is open to everyone in the class, although the grading mechanic means the lower your assignment 1 score the more valuable this is.

Regardless of your current grade you must type up the solutions to part 2 entirely (all five questions). You may use the characters (S, P, X, U, -) as shortcuts for selection, projection, cross product, set union, and set difference. Use = as the shortcut for temporary tables. A correct submission will add back half of your lost points.

This is a one time offering, for future assignments this resubmission will not be available.


No Class Tuesday

We are not meeting on Tuesday!


Welcome to the Course

It is my pleasure to be covering this course. CS 85 is an introductory course in database systems and their applications. We will be introducing various topics including the database design, relational algebra, and SQL. This web page will be used to supplement material covered in class.

I wish you the best of luck in this course and hope you find the material fascinating. I will try my best to keep you engaged at all times. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

A course syllabus can be found on the course material page.